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OUGD601 — Tutorial 1

In the tutorial, Simon and I discussed the two questions I had looked over and decided the most interesting one was "To what extent has the branding & packaging of craft beer supported it's growth & popularity in the UK?" however we decided to reduce it down to branding as that spans over everything else including packaging. The question then became:

"To what extent has the branding reflected the rise in popularity of craft beer in the UK?"

This question was focused, clear and easily broken down and answered.

We discussed how to investigate this question in the boundaries of secs nary and primary research.

Secondary — Statistics of the amount of craft beer bars in the UK, how many breweries have opened recently, sales and distribution figures, import records and supermarket stock too.

Primary — Speak with designers who work with craft breweries, breweries, shops and members of the public.

Case studies — Brewdog? Stone Brewing Co?

Practical — Brand a brewery. Who?

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