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OUGD601 — Focusing my Research + Question

— Write down all questions that I want to investigate.
— Consider each on their merits and focus on two (primary & secondary)

— Write an A4 ‘first thoughts’ sheet for each of those questions.

— What is the purpose of the study? Is the question researchable?

This study is to research, critically analyse and understand the extent that the branding design involved in craft beer culture has reflected the rise in popularity in the UK.

This will develop my understanding of the values attached to different design & packaging approaches in the craft beer industry and give me an insight to the development of an independent brand through the formats delivered in design.

— Create a critical plan on where to fit things in and when.


Sales & Distribution — Statistics of the amount of craft beer bars in the UK, how many breweries have opened recently, sales and distribution figures, import records, supermarket stock.

Case Studies — Brewdog, Stone Brewing Co, Northern Monk.

Interviews/discussions — Designers in the craft beer industry, breweries, shop owners, members of the public.

Critical Writing — 6000-9000 word essay.

Practical — Branding & Identity + Extensions of packaging, marketing, print and web design for a craft beer brewery (fiction or non-fiction?)

— Plan out sections of the essay and practical body of work into chunks.

Critical Writing Chapters and word estimates:

1 — Craft Beer:  A Modern Definition.

1000 words.

2 — The Rise in Popularity.

1500 words.

3 — The Visual Culture.

2000 words.

4 — Case Study.

1500 words.

5 — Conclusion.

1000 words.

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