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OUGD601 — Practical Planning

The first brewery I got in contact with was Sunbeam Ales, when I first e-mailed Nigel he seemed quite interested in what I had to offer and we arranged to meet for a beer. Once I arrived and explained what I was doing and what I'd hope to do in the project he went on to tell me how he has a background in textile design and knows what is good. After that, the conversation veered to him telling me that he really likes his branding and he thinks it's the best out there.

A very confusing evening ended abruptly when I realised it wasn't going anywhere and he only wanted me to redesign his website.

My next contact was Mallinsons Brewing Company, an independent brewery in Huddersfield. After a few days of hearing no reply, I decided to give them a ring in hope to speak to someone. I was happy to hear that I wasn't being ignored but as an independent brewery they are massively busy and simply forgot to email back.

After a quick chat explaining what I was doing, the lady I spoke to Elaine said she was more than happy to work with me as long as they didn't have to spend much time doing anything because of their intense brewing hours. We agreed to meet at the brewery on Monday morning to discuss the project and what I could do with them.

Mallinsons would be a much better brewery to work with as their production is a lot higher along with their packaging and marketing budgets. This would give more flexibility in design but also a wider scope of work to complete.

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