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OUGD504 - Studio Brief 1 - GF Smith Paper Lecture.

The northern representative from GF Smith came in to tell us about their products which made a massive impression on me.

He mainly spoke about the Colorplan range which they sell as it is all made in house in the Lake District and it's their own paper brand.

He told us about the colours of paper that they sell, the embossing patterns that can be pressed into their paper, and the weights which they are available in.


Adriatic, Amethyst, Azure Blue, Bagdad Brown, Bitter Chocolate, Bright Red, Bright White, Candy Pink, China White, Citrine, Claret, Cobalt, Cool Blue, Cool Grey, Dark Grey, Ebony Black, Emerald, Factory Yellow, Forest, Fuchsia Pink, Harvest, Ice White, Imperial Blue, Lavender, Lockwood Green, Mandarin, Mid Green, Mist, Natural, New Blue, Nubuck Brown, Pale Grey, Park Green, Pistachio, Powder Green, Pristine White, Purple, Racing Green, Real Grey, Royal Blue, Sapphire, Scarlet, Smoke, Sorbet Yellow, Stone, Tabriz Blue, Turquoise, Vellum White, Vermilion, and White Frost.



Ridged, Wire, Gravure, Cord, Matrix.


Colonnade, Damask, Laid, Smooth, Stipple, Stucco.


Brocade, Buckram, Fabric, Silkweave, Fine Linen, Leather, Linen, Granular.


Coltskin, Sandgrain, Ripple.


100gsm, 120gsm, 135gsm, 175gsm, 270gsm, 350gsm, 540gsm, 700gsm.

The website is:

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