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OUGD601 — Packaging Design

The one element of Mallinsons' current packaging that has a great functionality is the colour backgrounds.

Each beer has a different colour background with the design printed on top of that, this is eye-catching because of the negative space involved that grabs your attention. 

For the updated packaging, this was the one thing I wanted to pull across in development. In further elements, the layout construction would be similar but with a more balanced structure, breathing space for type and a paler pastel background instead, this would be achieved via opacities to save the brewery money on printing.

The brewery were nice enough to give me some free bottles so I could mock up the designed packaging. When it came to printing, I selected a variety of stocks from the library and tested the effects of toner on each of them. The best result was the least tampered with as it still contained pulp in the surface and it wasn't bleached.

Colours were tested and the different labels were printed.

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