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OUGD601 — Extras

Business cards are an important part of any business' networking situations. To reiterate Mallinsons' craft theme, their business cards would be letterpresses onto ethically sourced recycled stock. For the purpose of this submission, these would be photoshopped

The design focuses on the logo's grid structure and is elongated to match the business card shapes but retain it's image.

The brewing record was created to make the lives of the brewers a lot more easy to manage. By creating a sheet underlining the recipe, how long things must be done for, when they should, etc. Everything can be recorded and archived in case of mistakes or any other problems in the later production phases.

With the logo form working in a cubic grid system, it fits proportionately to any form of collateral that is four sided, this could be anything from name tags, reusable and recycled tote bags and more.

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