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OUGD601 — Mallinsons Brewery Visit

I went down to Huddersfield to visit Mallinsons Brewery as they said on the phone that they'd be more than happy to be a part of my practical brand.

After a tour of the brewery which I was allowed to take a few photos in, me and two of the three brewers sat down and discussed my research project and what I was aiming to do with them.

They were really enthusiastic about it even though they were already content with their visual branding, this enthusiasm only grew more once I showed them work I have recently completed and they were impressed with the standard I worked to.

I explained that the practical element of my research project was strictly for academic purposes but if they liked the outcome enough, we could discuss making it a reality (something I'd be more than keen on the idea of).

Something that they did keep highlighting was the fact they weren't happy with their website and that it needed updating considerably. If I make this an element of my branding project then it might be more appealing to them to adopt the full concept.

The first obvious part of marketing a beer is to make sure it's a good beer, that makes selling it and defining it's visuals a lot easier. Now I already have my own opinions and I think Mallinsons create some amazing bottle conditioned beers and it fascinates me further that every single part of their process happens in-house: Brewing, bottling, printing, labelling, sales, etc. This can have it's limitations however as they currently use Powerpoint software for all of their labels and pay extra money for the printer to set up the files for their pump clips.

Anything designed would have to remain editable to allow them to put their expiry date and batch number on each brew.

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