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OUGD501 - Studio Brief 2 - Practical Idea

I was originally going to write and design a guidebook about doing good design. However after some thought and mind mapping, I realised how much further I could take it than just another book (I've done enough books in these last two years, I want to take this further).

My new developed idea was to create a campaign and organisation that fight against the wrongs in graphic design.

This organisation would be in place to bring together like-minded creatives that believe in a better way of designing and that we have had enough of being a productive tool at destroying our own planet socially, economically, and environmentally.

With the produced manifesto as the primary weapon in this organisation, it will have the potential to take it's toll over print based and digital mediums to cover as many creatives as possible at the same time as using the benefit of social media to reach out to as many people as possible.

As the thought developed into an idea, and that idea developed into a better idea, I narrowed down the possibilities of this brief as well as making sure they were relevant by providing a reason/use for each idea.

Website & Blog:

When people first hear about something or are interested in it, the usual reaction is to google it and research into it. For an organisation so important a website would be very useful at explaining who they are along with all of the other information people would be interested in looking for. A blog would be a good way of allowing people interested in or a part of the organisation to keep up to date on what is happening and what 'good' creative work is being done by the members of it.

Mobile Application:

In this digital age, more and more people are owning advanced smartphones which allow them to browse the internet on the go. For many, this is very convenient either as time passing whilst waiting for something or for any other reason. An application would be better than just a mobile optimised website because seeing an icon on their home screen would encourage users to view it more often as it is easier.

Social Networking:

Social networking has become a very important tool for getting information out to people, expanding audiences and reaching people who would otherwise never heard of such a thing. When one person 'follows' or 'likes' a page they are interested in, their friends will see it, and if they are also interested in the same topic they will probably interact with the page in the same way to be updated on what the organisation is doing or what it is about. Social networking = growth of audience.

Print based advertisements in creative magazines:

As much as everything is very digitally orientated now, a lot of us are still very fond of handling print based products such as papers or magazines. An example would be creative review and similar creative publications. Their audience would see the advertisements and as long as they were designed properly, would encourage them to look into the organisation and hopefully take part. Using this form of print advertising would reach thousands and thousands of like-minded creatives in very short spaces of time.


To start up an organisation that has a potential to be so successful, contacts and partnerships must be developed with other organisations or individuals in high places and with similar ideas and concerns. Mail-outs could be sent to studios all over the globe to encourage them to take part in the organisation as well as share their views on the topic, this will make their audiences aware of it and encourage them too.

Membership Packs.

Every person that signs up to this organisation and pledges to the manifesto will be doing the planet as well as all of our lives a huge favour, and for that reason they should be thanked and made proud to be a part of it. The membership pack could be sent to each person/studio that signs to this manifesto, and this pack could contain things like stickers, prints, a membership card and a 'good' design journal, where they can document the work they have completed to make our world or societies a better place. Once that journal is complete, they can send it back to the organisation and be awarded with an 'elite' or 'golden' status within the organisation who has done a large amount of work which contributes to making our world a better place to exist.

Awards & Certificates.

For those that reach a 'Golden' or 'Elite' status (I still haven't worked out what to call it), an award should be issued as well as a certificate to authenticate the prestigious status they'd been promoted to. This would serve as an amazing addition to a creatives portfolio as well as a thank you for acting in something they believe in and taking part in the success of the organisation.

These are all proposals as the timescale would not allow me to code websites or create all of the printed material.

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