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Context Of Practice 3 - Introduction

An academic module designed to assess your intellectual engagement and theoretical understanding of your creative practice.

An individually driven, synthesised research project with interrelated practical and written elements.

6A1: Demonstrate an independent critical understanding of the aesthetic, cultural, historical, technological, social, political or other contexts relevant to individual subject disciplines.

6B1: Evidence the ability to use logic, reasoning and critical judgement to analyse ideas from a range of primary and secondary sources, and employ critical and theoretical methodologies to evaluate examples from the relevant subject discipline.

6C1: Evidence the capacity for undertaking a wide range of independent practical and theoretical research that demonstrates an informed application of critical, effective and testable processes.

6D1: Organise, plan and effectively manage self-directed projects and communicate the outcomes through written and other appropriate forms.

6A4: Demonstrate a critical understanding of the synthesis between the theoretical and practical contexts of their own creative concerns.

- Complete proposal form for Context Of Practice 3.


What factors sit behind your chosen subject?
How have historical, cultural, social, technological, economy, political and other factors influenced it?
Who are the key inures within my chosen subject?
What is the specific history of my chosen subject?
Are there any dominant or prevailing attitudes that form my subject?


How will you approach your chosen subject?
What sort of questions will you ask? Why?


A way of proceeding about something in a systematic or logical manner.
The science of method.

Examples -

Historical, Sociological, Semiotic, Communication Theory, Postcolonial, Psychoanalysis, Postmodernist, Feminism, etc.

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