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OUGD401 - Study Task 1

Task 1.

Find something you love, and something you hate. Discuss.


I found this advert in a design blog focused around humorous advertising and I was thoroughly impressed. Humorous design has always been something I enjoy looking at/reading, but this set the mark a notch further.

We are very accustomed to seeing posters with this compositional layout which are directed at us to make us stop and think about a serious problem or cause such as poverty, starvation or sexual abuse. 

The short, bold, eye-catching title catches our attention first telling us the message of the poster almost instantly, following that we can observe the mangled piece of toast as an image to give us a visual representation of what the title says. Generically with this kind of poster there would be a website or a phone number or further information to fix or help the cause, this poster follows that by advertising an easy-spread butter.

Overall it communicates the message quickly, and with enough impact to feel serious. But then when the idea settles in your mind and you see the image and further information it amuses you which makes it memorable and therefore a successful advertisement.


Sometimes it is very difficult to determine what is graphic design or not. However in my opinion, something that sets out to communicate a message visually is graphic design. Bad graphic design is everywhere, but that is only my opinion. Graphic design should communicate the message effectively but at the same time look good to the audience. 

This health risk assessment doesn't necessarily have much of a reason to be an amazing design, however it is technically classed as bad graphic design, or graphic design which I personally hate. I dislike to see that people don't make the effort to make things look good to their audience and this is a good example.

The layout appears disjointed because of the way the text is both below and above the images, and the tracking of the bolder letters appears too big and makes the words too spread out and less easily read. I think small changes in composition and layout would make this communicate better, easier and more effectively at the same time as looking better.

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