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OUGD401 - Studio Task 1

In our most recent context of practice session, we got out our four images which we liked and disliked and put them all together in a table in our groups. We wrote on the back of each one either an L or a D referring to whether we liked it or disliked it and then switched tables to judge the other's images.
After we judged what we liked and disliked on their table, we all found out that we used the same mental list to criticise the work in front of us, this consisted of:


Suitability for Audience

We subconsciously always use this list to analyse and criticise work around us and it gives us reasoning as to why we like or dislike a piece of art/design.

D.I.E.T. - 

D - Describe (What can you see?)

I - Interpret (What is it about?)
E - Evaluate (How good is it?)
T - Theorise (How could it be improved?)

We got into pairs and chose a piece of work to analyse each, and then began writing a description and interpretation of each piece.

First, we bean writing about the album artwork I had brought along:

Here is what I wrote about it - 

And then my partner's image which was:

And here is what I wrote about it - 

After we reviewed our answers, we discovered that they were all pretty identicle! And from what were different we both agreed upon. This told us that by assessing in the same manner we were finalised with the same opinions, it helps that me and my partner both have very similar interests in design! He has great taste.

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