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OUGD601 — Leeds Wharf Chambers Beer Festival

Wharf Chambers Co-operative Club is proud to announce the return of its beer festival, showcasing some of the best in Yorkshire breweries. A hit in last year's heatwave, the event is going ahead on 19-20th September at the club on Wharf Street, Leeds offering a selection of 25 beers across the spectrum.

This smaller festival was pointed out to me by a friend of mine after the Leeds International Beer Festival. Being disappointed about the fact the breweries weren't actually at the bigger event, just pint pullers - I was positive that there would be a lot more of an intimate event here and there would be the right people to talk to.

As much as the atmosphere was very close-knit, friendly and welcoming. There were no breweries in sight, rather a trio of chaps stood behind a selection of wooden tables taking people's beer tokens in exchange for half-pints of whatever drink tickled their fancy.

I grabbed my first beer and took in the surroundings in a hope to spot someone with a branded shirt or anyone that might be directly involved with any of the breweries. As nice as the atmosphere was, there wasn't a single person there I could talk to.

It was a very nice evening with a couple of good mates and I can't really complain about an event full of spicy vegan food and incredible beers. The community was very alive at this event and it is nice to see how thriving the underground beer audience is in Leeds even at such a small event. It's just a pity that I still haven't been able to speak to anyone yet despite my efforts.

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