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OUGD401 - Studio Task 3

What is a manifesto?
A public declaration of policy and aims, esp. one issued before an election by a political party or candidate.

What are mine?


I believe there are laws in our society as well as others which we are all put in place to keep us living in a safe and structured environment. The community is made to be a fair and equal and everyone has the same rights. These rights and laws are followed to stop society falling apart.


I think even though there are equal rights between everyone in our society, there are clear social divides. This has a tendency to push people to do their best to reach the top of these social ladders. This makes society stronger in a sense of the objective of becoming a better person and doing more with their lives.


I feel that culture is something personal. At our day and age, we live in a multicultural environment where everyone around us have different experiences and backgrounds. Our own cultures are what defines us, what we do, what we are interested in and what we think. I think an open mind is a great way to explore other people's cultures and further your own.


The past is an important place in my opinion. The past holds everything we have done, said and committed to. Our mistakes and wrong doings of our past are what we learn from. We further ourselves from our past by acting on mistakes and past events of ourselves or other people around us.

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